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Village Hall Funding Event 2011

The Village Hall Committee invited people who have provided funding over the recent 2/3 years to improve the facilities in the Hall. This was held on Friday 13th May, we provided tea and home made cakes. A very useful event, E-On (Laura Hind) came with raffle prizes for us and a photographer who snapped away quite happily for a couple of hours, East Midlands Community Fund (Penny Cureton) were very enthusiastic and Lynn Sykes our Rushcliffe Councillor who usually only sees the Hall at Parish Council Meetings was surprised at how pretty it looked.

Everyone who attended thought our Village Hall was just lovely. We felt it was a great way of saying thank you and just how much we appreciate all the help we get.

Kinky Vicar's Performance 2011

Kinky Vicar performed at the Village Hall in March 2011. All profits went to Rainbows in memory of our dear friend Paul Plowright. We raised £1130. What a night and thank you to Kinky Vicar for playing free of charge.

New Year's Eve 2010

What a night we had, absolutely brilliant. The food everyone brought was fantastic, Gary James the guitar vocalist played all the music we love and we danced the night away. At midnight we had Big Ben on our big screen and watched the fireworks in London, a lovely site.

Christmas Social December 2010

Wonderful night, lots of lovely food and great company. Our Christmas Raffle was drawn, £50 first prize followed by a £25 meat voucher, bottle of champagne etc., etc. Lots and lots of prizes.

Barton and Thrumpton Ladies Christmas Party December 2010

A real fun night with appearances from many mind reading women! The food was varied and really nice. Come and join us in 2011.

Beer & Wine Festival 2010

As expected another fantastic weekend at our Annual Beer and Wine Festival. The music was even better than previous years, 17 different beers and different ciders. The commemorative glasses looked great and the wines were very good. Fish and chips on the Friday night are always popular and the Saturday BBQ with burgers and sausages from our local butcher was a sell out. The raffle was exceptionally good this year. A big thank you to everyone for supporting us and or course to all our volunteers.

The Annual Quiz

Once again a great night. Join us next year for some more fun.

My Brillliant Divorce November 2010

A great success. We will do another play early next year.

Medieval Night October 2010

Another great night. Lots of music and laughter.

Wine & Beer Festival 2009

Annual Chinese Takeaway Night 2010

Our Annual Chinese Takeaway Night held on 20th March 2010 was a well attended successful night.  The food as usual was delicious from Maxims in Kegworth, the company was good and the wine flowed freely. See you there next year.