Anti Quarry Campaign

Here is some latest information about the campaign to object to plans for a sand and gravel quarry immediately between Barton in Fabis and Clifton Village along the banks of the River Trent. More details are available on our ‘Save the Ancient Valley Environment’ (SAVE) campaign site Barton-in-Fabis | Anti-Quarry Campaign Site

March 2022
The proposal to extract Sand and Gravel in the Ancient Valley, between Barton In Fabis and Clifton, has been contested in numerous rounds of public consultation and applications since 2014. The quarry site was finally included within the Nottinghamshire County Council’s revised Mineral Plan in March 2021, despite over 1000 letters of objection arising from the public who recognise the beauty and importance of this environment and its ecological significance.

The proposed quarry can only go ahead if a Planning Application for the site is granted. Nottinghamshire County Council opened another public consultation following revised plans submitted on behalf of London Rock (the applicant). A strong campaign by our SAVE team highlighted many important issues and flaws in the application that has clearly shown its weaknesses and disregard for the local environment and the health and wellbeing of the public and local communities including the residents at Lark Hill. Yet another demonstration of massive public objection to the application was recorded, boosted significantly by support from local MPs – Ruth Edwards (Rushcliffe), Lilian Greenwood (Clifton) and Darren Henry (Broxtowe) and our new County Councillor (Matt Barney) and Borough Councillor (Rex Walker). Formal objections were also presented from Rushcliffe Borough Council, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and the Attenborough Nature Reserve.
As a consequence of all of this effort, London Rock has withdrawn the application, with a view to resubmitting in 11-15 months’ time. The applicant has obviously recognised how flawed the current application is and did want to take the risk of it being rejected.
However, this is not the end of the battle! Please keep supporting this campaign as this process is not yet finished. Register your email with us below to keep updated on further news on this topic.

If the quarry goes ahead the whole valley area between the village and Clifton Woods will be lost for at least 20 years and even then will never be the same. Gravel extraction will take place at certain times 11 hours a day and 6 days a week with the inevitable dust and noise, particularly in the summer months. The total destruction of this area of Green Belt means that dozens of species of birds and animals will be lost and the peace and quiet of the whole valley used by walkers and horse riders permanently damaged – remember how many people have valued that during lockdown! The quarry will also have a huge impact on local wildlife sites, Brandshill Ancient Woodland and Attenborough Nature Reserve.

The site will also require a giant processing site on the top of Mill Hill with 28,000 lorry movements each year on to Green Street which is a ‘quiet lane used by walkers, horse riders and cyclists and will significantly add to traffic levels at Mill Hill with delays and congestion on top of the impact from the new Fairham Pastures. It will not stop there, if planning permission is granted then in future years the County Council is likely to approve extensions which would surround the village right round to Thrumpton.
Allan Kerr