BVH Committee / Parish Council Members Area

The organisation of BVH events and management of the regular upkeep and improvements in the Village Hall is undertaken by a committee of volunteers who are all local residents. The current BVH Committee is listed below along with a link for you to contact us if you wish to get in touch on any specific matters. The committee meets several times a year, so if there is anything you would like discussed at one of these meetings please tell us and we will address it and respond accordingly.
The BVH Bar has a separate committee that keeps its accounts and licensing arrangements up to date. The current BVH Bar Committee and local licensees are shown below.
The overall responsibility for BVH as a Trust is undertaken by named Trustees who have powers and duties described within the BVH Constitution (need to offer a link to a document repository or say ‘which is available to read on request’). The current list of Trustees is shown below.