St George’s Church

St George’s Church is Grade 1 listed and was built in the 14th Century in the aftermath of the Black Death in England. The building has some fabulous features including a Chancel with unique Piscina Niches with recesses for the cruets, and an alabaster tomb with effigies of William and Tabatha Sacheverell dated 1616. The Sachaverell estate passed to the Cliftons in the early 18th Century following a family marriage. Other features include a fine Steeple (added in about 1420), some fine windows with stained glass depictions, and a Priests Doorway on the south side with a Mass Dial on its buttress.

The church hosts an annual flower festival and an open gardens event every year which are extremely popular events, as well as more frequent breakfast and lunch clubs for local parishioners that are held in the village hall.
St George’s forms part of a group of five local churches known collectively as the ‘453 Churches’ due to their proximity to the A453 main road between Clifton (Nottingham) and the M1 by Kegworth. More information about the church services and pastoral events organised across this community can be found here.